QUALITY > quantity
We believe the QUALITY is much more important than the quantity!

:: Main divisions ::


IT outsourcing
AdoBit's outsourcing service is completely client-oriented, meeting the expectations with prime precision.
  • Cost-effectiveness is provide a ‘value for money’ service with a realistic budget.
  • Innovation is something that can generate miracles or can make impossible to possible!
  • We have a team of visionaries, who can deliver effectual consultation services for business solutions through software applications.

Software development

Software development
Mobile applications, ERP, CRM, CMS, customized administration systems and individual innovative software solutions.
  • Database planning
  • Ergonomic User Interface (GUI) designing
  • iPhone (iOS), Android, Windows Phone
  • Crossplatform, server- and clientside applications
  • We have expert developers in the most popular languages (C#, .NET, Silverlight, JAVA, ABAP, C++, PHP, JavaScript, Flash ActionScript, PGSQL, MYSQL and etc.)


Online human resource management software with real time task- and project handling features, best choice to IT outsourcing companies!
  • Control your projects and resources
  • Follow the processing
  • Communicate with the project managers or/and the developers
  • Create summary reports
  • Scheduling

Forex, futures and CFDs

JFF trading system
JFF is a unique trading system with many-many features to handling safely your and your clients money.
  • Multibroker and multi accounts support
  • Metatrader 4 and 5, Ninjatrader, Multicharts, Protrader modules
  • Symbol mapping
  • Manual and automatized trading
  • Customized signals and strategies
  • Money management
  • Desktop and HTML interfaces
  • Very fast C# based engine

:: Other services and products ::

Cloud, VPS and servers

Server and hosting solutions
Cloud, VPS and dedicated server services. Tell to us your requirements and we will plan the best server solution for you!
  • Mail server services
  • Nginx, Apache, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Memcache, Redis and etc.
  • Customized dynamic hosting packages
  • Backups and regular archiving
  • Private FTP hosting service with large storages
  • Domain registrations
  • Server monitoring

Synchronize and encrypt

FiMi - file mirroring solution
We have a great solution for synchronize whole drives or only the selected folders with filtering options using strong encryption. It is able to catch the realtime changes in the filesystem (using native WinAPI events) without the need to scan your disk continuously.
  • Encrypt your documents automatically to a backup drive
  • Filter with extensions, file sizes and folders
  • Setup delaying for each synchronizing

Music and sound technics

Artenuovo company
Arte Nuovo is one of our best partners who are very gorgeous in the music's world!
  • Commercial music
  • Music composition
  • Individual sound effects
  • Orchestration and special sound studio jobs